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I have a special application. Is it possible to change Epump's step processing?

Step processing is controlled by the Epump System Program. While you can't write your own System Program, many special purpose System Programs are available which can be loaded through the Epump Flash Programmer application. Contact the factory for more information.

How many of the keypad keys are programmable?

All 16 of the Epump's keypad keys are fully programmable. Each key has 10 levels of programming, providing 160 programs for a single User Program.

Is it possible to power an Epump controller from batteries?

Yes. The Epump controller nominally runs on 12 VDC, so it may be powered directly from an auto or boat electrical system, or from a 12 volt battery pack.

How many pumps can a Epump control?

The standard Epump controller has one output channel, allowing for control of one pump. Special versions are available with up to five output channels.

How big can a User Program be?

User Programs are stored in program blocks, with each step occupying one block for most types of steps. The number of free blocks available for User Programs will vary depending on the size of the System Program, but typically there are over 7000 free blocks available for User Programs, which means about 7000 total program steps.

What type of liquids may be pumped with an Epump?

This depends entirely on the pump used with the Epump controller. The Epump controller is not designed for use in hazardous, flammable, or explosive environments.

Do I need programming experience to create programs for the Epump?

No, the Epump programming system is very simple, so even beginners can quickly create custom programs. Also keep in mind that many User Programs are available on the Internet, so it may be possible to find a ready-made program.

Is it possible to control the Epump controller from a computer?

Yes. The Epump controller features a standard RS-232 communications port, allowing the Epump device to be controlled from an external device, such as a computer.

What type of computer is compatible with the Epump?

The Epump is not dependant on any given type of computer or operating system. It works equally well with Macs, Linux, Unix, and Windows based computers.

Can User Programs from one Epump be used on another Epump device?

Yes. User Programs from one controller may be used on another. User Programs are normally compatible with new versions of the System Program, but User Programs written with a new System Program will not always be backwards compatible with previous System Programs. This happens when new program step types have been added.

Can System Programs from one Epump be used on another Epump device?

Yes and no. System Programs from one device may be compatible with another, but all System Programs must be unlocked with a valid Firmware Key. System Programs will not load without a valid key, and each key is unique for a given serial number.

I have more questions about the Epump controller. Where is the best place to get more information?

Epump User Manuals and other documentation may be reviewed and freely downloaded from the Epump Documentation Page. If you still have questions, the Epump Online Forum is the best place for more information about Epump controllers. Feel free to post your questions and comments. Make sure to review the existing posts: your questions may already be answered.


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